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A Routledge Journal


Bob Franklin - Cardiff University, UK
Gerd Kopper - University of Dortmund, Germany
Elizabeth L. Toth - University of Maryland, USA
Judy Van Slyke Turk - Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

Review Editors:

Rod Pilling - University of Central England, Birmingham, UK
Jeff South - Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

Editorial Board:

Kenichi Asano - Doshisha University, Japan
Anantha Babbili - Middle Tennessee State University, USA
Beth Barnes - Syracuse University, USA
Arnold de Beer - University of Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch, SA
Jay Blumler - Emeritus Professor, University of Leeds, UK
Adam Clayton Powell - The Freedom Forum, USA
Mihai Coman - Bucharest University, Romania
Anne Cooper Chen - University of Ohio, USA
Peter Dahlgren - University of Lund, Sweden
Frank Fee - University of Ohio, USA
Peter Gross - University of Oklahoma, USA
Laurl Grunig - University of Maryland, USA
Jaume Guillamet - University of Pompeu Fabra, Spain
Michael Gurevitch - University of Maryland, USA
Bob Hackett - Simon Fraser University, Canada
Dan Hallin - University of California, San Diego, USA
Tatsuro Hanada - University of Tokyo, Japan
John Henningham - Jschool, Australia
John Horgan - Dublin City University, Ireland
Ang Peng Hwa - Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Otfried Jarren - University of Zurich, Switzerland
Joy Johnson - University of Westminster, UK
Paulo Mancini - University of Perguia, Italy
Maxwell McCombs - University of Texas, USA
David Miller - University of Stirling, UK
Zhongdang Pan - The Chinese University, Hong Kong
John Pavlik - Columbia University, USA
Edward Pease - Utah State University, USA
Robert Picard - Turku University, Finland
Walery Pisarek - Jagiellonian University, Poland
Jane Rhodes - University of California, San Diego, USA
Jean Seaton - University of Westminster, UK
Klaus Schoenbach - University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Michael Schudson - University of California, San Diego, USA
Slavko Splichal - University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Don Stacks - University of Miami, USA
Kenneth Starck - University of Iowa, USA
Liesbet van Zoonen - University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Janet Wasko - University of Oregon, USA
David H. Weaver - Indiana University USA

Lennart Weibull - Gothenburg University, Sweden
Brian Winston - University of Westminster, UK

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