Taylor & Francis Africa - African Librarians' Newsletter: Issue 3 
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Taylor & Francis Africa - African Librarians' Newsletter: Issue 3   
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Taylor & Francis Africa


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Cape Town editorial office:
Taylor & Francis Group
Ground Floor,
Liesbeek House,
River Park,
Gloucester Road,
Mowbray, 7700,
Cape Town
South Africa
Tel: +27 21 680 5330
Fax: +27 21 680 5011

Janet Remmington
Editorial Director

Mariëtte Enslin
Regional Managing Editor

Kirstin Wilmot
Regional Publishing Editor

UK office:
4 Park Square,
Milton Park, Abingdon,
OX14 4RN,
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7017 6000
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7017 6336

Gerald Dorey
Publisher, African Studies

Journal subscription enquiries
For African customers of NISC and UNISA Press journals co-published with Taylor & Francis, contact NISC regarding regional rates and orders.

Lester Isaacs
Tel +27 (0)46 622 9698
Fax +27 (0)46 622 9550

Book queries from customers from South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia, please contact: Tracy Whitaker from Book Promotions, our local distributor.

Customer Services queries from customers from the rest of Africa, please contact Taylor & Francis Customer Services.

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African Librarians' Newsletter: Issue 3

Welcome to the 3rd issue of the Taylor & Francis African Librarians' Newsletter.

In this issue, we introduce our new Sales Team for Africa: Ian Jones, Mark Howard and Niall Culligan; and have an update for you about Taylor & Francis Online, our new web platform.

Two members of our UK team, Janet Remmington and Mark Howard recap their recent visits to Africa, while Anne Powell from INASP has also contributed a piece on how INASP and Taylor & Francis are working together to strengthen research in Africa.

And finally we have a double celebration – to celebrate Africa Day, we have free access during June to some key articles in our African Studies portfolio, and we are also celebrating 90 years of publication of the African Studies journal.

We hope you enjoy this issue of the African Librarians' Newsletter, and if you would like to make a comment, or contribution, please email library@tandf.co.uk, we would love to hear from you.

With best wishes,

The Taylor & Francis Africa Team:

Niall Culligan – Sales Executive, Central & North Africa
Stacey Davies – Managing Editor, African Studies
Gerald Dorey – Publisher, African Studies
Inês Ferreira – Managing Editor, Africa
Mark Howard – Sales Executive, UK, Ireland & South Africa
Ian Jones – Sales Director, UK & EMEA
Melissa McCulloch – Library Marketing Executive
Janet Remmington – Editorial Director, Africa


New Sales Team for Africa

There have been some changes to the T&F African Sales team over the last few months, with three new people arriving to help customers manage their Taylor & Francis Journal collection.

Ian Jones joined in February as the UK & EMEA Journals Sales Director. Ian worked previously at medical society publisher RSM Press for 7 years running their sales and marketing operations. He has travelled to Africa before, including Gambia and Morocco, but is very much looking forward to travelling more widely there, meeting librarians and helping to supply their information needs. Ian is a keen runner and motorcyclist, and has a dream of travelling across Africa on an old pizza delivery scooter!

Mark Howard has joined Taylor & Francis as Journals Sales Manager for South Africa (as well as the UK & Ireland). Starting out originally as an archaeologist, and continuing to dig for information subsequently, Mark has worked as librarian and subscription agent (for Swets). Prior to the invention of the internet, Mark taught online searching in destinations as varied as Riyadh and Budapest before his most recent post as eContent Manager at library supplier Dawson Books. In his spare time he indulges his passions for ‘outsider' art, cycling in the Isle of Wight, and playing the bongos. Having received a very friendly welcome recently in South Africa, Mark looks forward to forging firmer relations with the South African library community in the coming months.

Niall Culligan is newly appointed Journals Sales Executive for Africa and North Africa. Niall has been at T&F since 2010, working in an office-based sales support function helping to administer various aspects of our customer relationships. Niall is currently focussed on getting to know the territory better and will be making trips soon to meet with key customers. Niall is a keen sportsman and plays for the company football team, as well as the Oxford Gaelic Football squad. Niall can often be found limping around the office due to injuries acquired on the playing field.

Routledge celebrates African Studies!

Taylor & Francis and Routledge are proud to publish many leading African and African Studies journals: with 20 African Studies titles and another 50 closely related journals, we have the deepest portfolio of any publisher. In addition, Taylor & Francis and Routledge co-publish more than 30 journals with African partner publishers.

In support of Africa Day on 25th May, Taylor & Francis and Routledge have put together a collection of over 200 key articles, which engage with current topics concerning Africa, and have made these free to access online from the 23rd May – 30th June. These articles span a breadth of research areas, from the arts to politics, economics to the environment, mathematics to music and can be accessed at www.tandf.co.uk/journals/AfricaDay2011

Taylor & Francis and Routledge operate an editorial office in Johannesburg to support and strengthen our local partner journals and work with associated learned societies and professional associations. A key component of our African operation is partnerships with regional co-publishers, UNISA Press and NISC, developing local publishing expertise and boosting accessibility to scholarship in Africa.

If you would like additional information on our African Studies titles, please contact library@tandf.co.uk.

Calling in on University of Ghana's Balme Library

Image: Ghana - Librarians Image: Ghana - Library Image: Ghana - group Image: Ghana - Librarian & PC

In February, Taylor & Francis headed for the Land of the Black Star to participate in a journals publishing workshop hosted by the University of Ghana (UG) – the oldest academic institution in the country – and to pay a visit to the institution's well established library.

I had the pleasure of meeting Head Librarian Gifty Boakye, Head of E-Resources Theodosia Adanu, and Head of Acquisitions Newton Akrong and benefited from a grand tour – both physical and virtual. The high ceilings kept the air circulating above the book holdings and the students' workspaces. The special collections department was an impressive sight – digitization of centuries' old books is underway. The library's OPAC presented a wide array of online resource options for the user.

The librarians spoke of the desire to engage more with colleagues regionally, building on the strong local collaboration catalyzed by the CARLIGH consortium; also of optimizing international ties such as made possible through INASP, ACU, Research4Life and interaction with publishers such as Taylor & Francis.

The local team identified increasing usage as a priority – a major objective shared by librarians and publishers globally. INASP/ACU have co-drafted the following guidelines tailored towards universities in the African context to boost user engagement: www.acu.ac.uk/member_services/professional_networks/libraries_network/journal-access-africa

Taylor & Francis hopes to increase its links with UG and other African academic institutions in helping to support teaching, learning, research, and authoring. We want to continue to explore partnership initiatives on the continent, recognizing increasing investments in higher education, research, and linkage. Ghana's – and indeed Africa's – star is rising.

Janet Remmington
Editorial Director, Taylor & Francis South Africa

Introducing our new online platform Taylor & Francis Online!

Image: Taylor & Francis Online

We are pleased to introduce Taylor & Francis Online – the new online platform for Taylor & Francis journals and reference works.

In collaboration with librarians, researchers and scholars we have designed Taylor & Francis Online to meet the varied needs of our user communities. Our new platform will bring knowledge to life with:

  • A clean, intuitive user interface
  • Enhanced discoverability for journals and reference works
  • Flexibility on how and when you access content –take knowledge on the move with our Blackberry, iPhone and Android Applications!
  • A wealth of features to allow librarians to manage authentication, usage statistics and linking

Our new platform will be officially launched on June 27, and will replace access to the 1,600 journals and reference works currently on informaworld. Initially our A&I and bibliographic databases will remain on informaworld, before being transferred to Taylor & Francis Online at a later stage.

Why we are changing our platform from informaworld to Taylor & Francis Online
In short – we are changing because we listened to our customers. We talked to various customer groups, including librarians, editors, authors and society partners to get feedback on what they felt about the informaworld name. The consensus was that a name that more closely relates to Taylor & Francis Group and our imprints would be preferable to informaworld, and when alternatives were put to customer vote, the favourite was Taylor & Francis Online.

Although there may be some initial work for our library customers as they embed the new name in library catalogues, we are working to minimize the impact this will have, and have created an FAQ document to help address any of our library customers' queries. Many of the features on Taylor & Francis Online will feel very familiar to our users but with added benefits. Quality, reliability and accessibility will remain at the core of our online platform provision when we migrate to Taylor & Francis Online.

Getting started
To ensure the transition to Taylor & Francis Online is as smooth as possible, we will be keeping our customers updated with developments between now and go-live. Our plan is to minimize the impact of the transition, leaving our customers with very little to do but enjoy our new platform. We have created a Resource Bank at http://resources.tandfonline.com where we have posted FAQs, and will be adding canned demos and details of training sessions.

The new URL for our platform will be www.tandfonline.com.

Follow developments on Twitter at @TandFOnline.

Victoria Wright
Communications Manager, Taylor & Francis Group Journals

Access and Awareness - Partnering with INASP in Africa

The International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP) focuses on strengthening research communication, with particular emphasis on the needs of developing and emerging countries. Our current programme focus is the second 5-year phase of the Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERii).

INASP is currently working with over 1,300 institutions in developing countries, helping them to gain access to electronic research content. Through strategic partnerships, stakeholder participation and a commitment to social responsibility, INASP has implemented programmes in more than 20 partner and 40 network countries. These programmes focus on strengthening research communication, with particular emphasis on the needs of developing and emerging countries.

Since 2007, INASP has been working directly with Taylor and Francis to enable access to their electronic journals and books through PERii. In 2011, the consortia in five of INASP's partner countries have subscribed to T&F Journals and three have subscribed to the bestseller books collections. This means the journals can be used by researchers in 612 institutions and the books in 141 institutions.

While access to resources is important, it is also necessary to raise awareness about them, and INASP and T&F have been active in this area, developing and sending out promotional print materials and emails to increase visibility. This has facilitated a steady increase in awareness, and journal usage across all institutions and countries has tripled over the four years.

Year Full Text Downloads
2007 36,559
2008 54,819
2009 119,736
2010 168,767

Access is generally provided through libraries, so the INASP Library Development Programme offers a number of workshops, including Information Literacy, Monitoring & Evaluation and development of institutional repositories. These workshops use a cascading methodology, so that, for example, Information Literacy workshops can filter through to all institutions.

INASP's Monitoring and Evaluation workshop enables librarians to collect, interpret and act upon their usage data, and has been run in most of our partner countries. This has influenced country-level collection development decisions and also local level promotion of resources, including training of users.

Research is also used in-country to influence local policy making, and has led to the development of the Evidence Informed Policy Making (EIPM) component of PERii, which works to increase uptake of research in policy making. Within EIPM, we work with a range of policy makers and influencers to build the demand for research information. In addition, we work with researchers to improve their ability to provide relevant information to policy makers.

Access programmes such as PERii provide the opportunity to increase the scope and the reach of international publications. The guiding principle of INASP has always been equity, and providing researchers in developing countries with access to high quality information resources. Working with INASP, T&F also aim to work with the African academic community to facilitate their growth and strength in research, and encourage informed debate in the worldwide academic community.

Anne Powell
Programme Officer, Information Delivery
International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP), www.inasp.info

Report from the 2011 SANLIC Conference

Photo: SANLIC - exhibition Photo: SANLIC - product review Photo: SANLIC - Zulu dancers

The South African National Library and Information Consortium (SANLIC) 2011 Workshop held at the Salt Rock Hotel outside Durban in early May focussed this year on "Mastering the Management of e-Resources".

As well as the essential questions concerning the economics of acquisition and budget constraints affecting the provision of information resources, the equally pertinent topics of discoverability and monitoring usage were also discussed. There was also a substantial session devoted to ebooks with informative first-hand experiences imparted by Ilse de Lange from Stellenbosch and Jo-Anne King from Wits.

78 librarians attended and all universities were represented. A healthy number of publishers and subscription agents from South Africa and Europe attended to provide a busy and vibrant exhibition. Exhibitors were also given the opportunity for ten minute product reviews to a receptive audience.

As one would expect when a group of librarians and suppliers gather together in a single convivial location the social aspects of the event come to the fore. SANLIC was no exception. The beach side barbecue was a highlight enlivened even further by an energetic and colourful display of Zulu dancers. The generosity of Andre van Tonder of subscription agent WWIS should not go unmentioned. So thanks to Andre for digging so deep to underwrite the bar bill!

Mark Howard
Journal Sales Manager (UK, Ireland & South Africa)

Celebrating 90 years of publication! African Studies (formerly Bantu Studies)

Journal Cover: African Studies Journal Cover: Bantu Studies

2011 marks the 90th Anniversary of African Studies, the oldest African Studies journal published from Africa. Rooted in a long tradition of scholarship, African Studies provides an inter-disciplinary forum for conceptual and empirical writing relevant to Africa, and that contributes to international dialogue and debate. The journal is edited from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, but draws on the expertise of an active editorial board, as well as a wide range of referees both within and beyond Southern Africa. The journal is particularly keen to consolidate and extend its commitment to support the publication of especially younger scholars of Africa.

First published as Bantu Studies in 1921, the journal included among its early editors and contributors many pioneering scholars in anthropology and linguistics: Schapera, Gluckman, Marwick, Mayer, Vilakazi, Rheinallt Jones, Doke, Cole, and Hammond-Tooke. Building on this legacy, the journal now casts its net more broadly and includes history, sociology, politics, geography, and literary and cultural studies.

To celebrate this landmark anniversary we are pleased to offer free online access to the newly digitalised archive of African Studies forerunner publication Bantu Studies. The backfile content is now available online for the first time, back to the very first volume, free of charge throughout June and July.

To access the archive visit the journal homepage at: www.tandfonline.com/toc/cast19/15/1

Marketing Support for your library!

Would you like to increase awareness of your Taylor & Francis subscriptions but are not sure how? Do you think your users could benefit more from the resources your library has access to? Why not get in touch with us.

We would be happy to provide you with a range of marketing support materials to help you increase awareness in your library, including user guides, pens and posters. Also, if you are looking to promote a specific subject area or areas we can provide you with posters and postcards specifically targeting your area of interest.

If you would like to run training courses on the new Taylor & Francis Online but don't have time to prepare a presentation, visit the Promotion and Training section on our dedicated librarian's website LibSite and download our handy PowerPoint presentation. Additionally, you'll also find other useful training resources for both researchers and librarians.

If you feel there's something missing, why not email us at library@tandf.co.uk We are happy to receive your comments and suggestions of how we can help you.

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