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Online Journal Archives

Image: Online archive

Expand your horizons. Discover our Classic and Modern Archives.

The Online Journal Archives allow you to explore 208 years of academic excellence. Now including the new Medical Online Archive, our archives cover 23 subject areas. These are divided into the Classic Archive and Modern Archive.

The Classic Archive features content from 1996 back to the journal’s very first volume, where available. The Modern Archive looks at more recent history and features content from 1997-2006.

Discover our views on the value of archives in current academic research here.

Protecting the Online Journal Archives

Taylor & Francis Group acknowledges that the long term preservation of its electronic content is of critical importance and that it has a significant role to play to ensure its content is available and accessible over time. Taylor & Francis Group has an archival strategy in place that provides for the deposit of its electronic source files into an acceptable non-profit third party archive, including Portico and LOCKSS, so that our content will be actively preserved and available in the event it is no longer offered by Taylor & Francis Group or a successor.

We are also participants in the CLOCKSS pilot project. In addition, an agreement with the Dutch National Library has been signed to protect the future of our Online Archive.

Missing Online Archive Content

Taylor & Francis Group undertakes to make every reasonable effort to digitise its Online Journal Archive. There may be rare instances, however, where the archive is incomplete due to inability to locate journals.