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Taylor & Francis Article Pass

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Taylor & Francis Article Pass is an initiative that enables users to access the Taylor & Francis journal articles they need via a pre-paid system, providing a gateway to a wealth of unsubscribed content.

What does the Taylor & Francis Article Pass offer?

Offering competitive pricing and a low commitment level, the Taylor & Francis Article Pass model allows you to purchase access to a set number of articles via pre-paid tokens.

These are valid for a 12-month period from purchase. At the end of this term, providing you purchase new tokens, you can carry over any remaining tokens. Selected articles are available across your institution’s server for a total of 24 hours from initial selection. In addition, there is the option to download a PDF version of the article for personal research use.

The Taylor & Francis Article Pass features a “mediated access” option, whereby you can restrict use to specific individuals within your institution so that only these approved users can draw down and use the Article Pass.

What content is included?

The Article Pass is available in four different content streams:

  • Taylor & Francis Social Science & Humanities
  • Taylor & Francis Science & Technology
  • Taylor & Francis Medical
  • Taylor & Francis Expert Collection
Within these three streams we offer you the opportunity to further customize your Article Pass, with the ability to limit to certain subjects or titles within these. The Article Pass offers you the ultimate level of flexibility, providing a solution to any content needs.

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