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Library Lantern - Librarians' Newsletter

Published on a quarterly basis, the newsletter brings you updates on initiatives at T&F, plus news on topical issues.

Regular features of the newsletter will include:

  • Company news
  • Products & services
  • Special topics of interest
  • New journals
  • Bibliographic changes
  • Free trials
  • Conference reviews

Latest Issues

  • Library Lantern Issue 18 Library Lantern, Issue 18
    Wherever in the world you may be located, we hope that your summer was both reinvigorating and relaxing and that you now look forward to reading the latest issue of Library Lantern!
    Read Issue 18
  • Library Lantern Issue 17 Library Lantern, Issue 17
    Welcome to issue 17 of the Library Lantern newsletter. In this special issue, we look at information literacy around the globe.
    Read Issue 17
  • Library Lantern Issue 16 Library Lantern, Issue 16
    Welcome to our final Library Lantern issue of the year. In this issue, the Taylor & Francis team shares our tales from our travels across the globe.
    Read Issue 16
  • Library Lantern Issue 15 Library Lantern, Issue 15
    Welcome to the fall issue of the Library Lantern. We hope you enjoyed your summer and are refreshed and ready for the new academic year!
    Read Issue 15
  • Library Lantern Issue 14 Library Lantern, Issue 14
    Once again, we have lots to share with you. We celebrated the Acquisitions Institute's 15th anniversary in May and invite you to vist us at the ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco...
    Read Issue 14
  • Library Lantern Issue 13 Library Lantern, Issue 13
    Welcome to the March issue of the Library Lantern! We hope that everyone who attended the ALA Midwinter Conference in Chicago has recovered from the Day After Tomorrow-like conditions. Our team is looking forward to meeting you in milder weather at ACRL in Portland and UKSG in Glasgow...
    Read Issue 13
  • Library Lantern Issue 12 Library Lantern, Issue 12
    A lot has happened at Taylor & Francis over the last couple of months – we've released the white paper, 'Use of social media by the library', attended the Charleston Conference and hosted workshops and events across the globe...
    Read Issue 12
  • Library Lantern Issue 11 Library Lantern, Issue 11
    Welcome to the latest issue of the Library Lantern, here to usher in another school term! ...There is always a lot happening, so please sit back and enjoy!
    Read Issue 11
  • Library Lantern Issue 10 Library Lantern, Issue 10
    Pack your bags and join Taylor & Francis as we travel near and far to the upcoming American Library Association Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada!
    Read Issue 10
  • Library Lantern Issue 9 Library Lantern, Issue 9
    Welcome to the first issue of the Library Lantern for 2014. We are already well into the month of March and so far it's been a pretty productive year for the Taylor & Francis Library Marketing team...
    Read Issue 9
  • Library Lantern Issue 8 Library Lantern, Issue 8
    On behalf of the entire Taylor & Francis Library Marketing team, we would like to wish you and yours a prosperous New Year. We are gearing up for 2014, but have one more issue of the Library Lantern in store for you...
    Read Issue 8
  • Library Lantern Issue 7 Library Lantern, Issue 7
    There are exciting developments happening at Taylor & Francis, for this issue we take you around the world, explore England's past, and look to the future of academic publishing!
    Read Issue 7
  • Library Lantern Issue 6 Library Lantern, Issue 6
    In this edition of the Library Lantern we will bring you closer to fellow librarians around the world with interviews from those in attendance at the Special Libraries Association (SLA) conference...
    Read Issue 6
  • Library Lantern Issue 5 Library Lantern, Issue 5
    Welcome to the fifth issue of the Library Lantern packed full of exciting news, as well as details of the Library Marketing team's New Year's resolutions...
    Read Issue 5
  • Library Lantern Issue 4 Library Lantern, Issue 4
    It is hard to believe that we are nearly at the conclusion of 2012 and that this November edition of the Library Lantern will be the denouement to another busy year...
    Read Issue 4
  • Library Lantern Issue 3 Library Lantern, Issue 3
    Another busy quarter has passed, and Taylor & Francis Journals and Books are delighted to bring you the third issue of the Library Lantern. In this issue we turn eastwards to bring you a focus on Southeast Asia...
    Read Issue 3
  • Library Lantern Issue 2 Library Lantern, Issue 2
    We are delighted to welcome you to the second edition of our new collaborative newsletter between Routledge Reference and T&F Library Journals...
    Read Issue 2


  • Library Lantern Issue 1 Library Lantern, Issue 1
    We are delighted to welcome you to the first edition of our new collaborative newsletter between Routledge Reference and T&F Library Journals...
    Read Issue 1

You can also follow us @LibraryLantern to stay updated on company and industry news.

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