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News Archive - 2006 News

informaworld™ - Beta Phase Completion
15th December 2006

Taylor & Francis Group are delighted to announce the launch of informaworld™ at:

This marks the completion of our beta testing phase. We would like to thank all who provided feedback on the site during its beta phase. Your comments have helped to shape the product we have launched today.

Our new site features all our journal, eBook, reference work and abstract database products, bringing them together in one easily searchable platform. Users will benefit from saved searches, marked lists, and a variety of alerting services to give greater control in the management of their research.

Account administrators should have received your username and password to access your new informaworld™ account. If you do not have this information please contact support@tandfonline.com and our online team can assist you. You can also find more information and help at:

We hope you find informaworld™ a valuable and beneficial improvement to managing your online resources.

informaworld™ - Important information for Library Account Administrators
12th December 2006

During the course of this week Taylor & Francis Group will remove the beta sign from informaworld™. informaworld™ is the new web portal for Taylor & Francis Group and Informa Healthcare journals, ebooks, abstract databases and reference works. We are writing to advise you of how this will affect you, and of what changes you will need to make.

For customers who currently access subscriptions via MetaPress:
MetaPress access to Taylor & Francis Group journals will no longer be available from January 2007. The taylorandfrancis.metapress.com and journalsonline.tandf.co.uk hostnames will be mapped to www.informaworld.com, so users will be automatically redirected to the new site. However we are advising customers to update OPAC links as soon as possible to ensure stability. We are working with companies who provide link resolvers and more information on this is included later in this message.

We have emailed all registered MetaPress administrators with their usernames and passwords. Those administrators should now log in to informaworld™ and change their password to something memorable. If you do not have this username and password, please register your detail at: www.informaworld.com/controlpanel~mode=register?action=regcreate®type=inst and our online team will assist you.

For customers who currently access subscriptions via Ingenta
Ingenta users will be unaffected by this change in the short term, but may want to register at informaworld™ to take advantage of its features. To register, please visit informaworld™ at: www.informaworld.com/controlpanel~mode=register?action=regcreate®type=inst Further instructions about Ingenta and informaworld™ will be provided in the New Year.

For customers who currently access subscriptions via Swetswise
Swetswise customers will continue to be authenticated via Swetswise in the New Year. Therefore you do not currently need to make any changes to your account. You will be informed of any future changes to your account by Swetswise. However, we do encourage you to register with informaworld™ at the following website: www.informaworld.com/controlpanel~mode=register?action=regcreate®type=inst

For customers who currently access subscriptions via EBSCOhost EJS
Ebsco Host customers will continue to be authenticated via EBSCOhost EJS in the New Year. Therefore you do not currently need to make any changes to your account. You will be informed of any future changes to your account by EBSCOhost EJS. However, we do encourage you to register with informaworld™ at the following website:

For customers who use link resolvers
We have provided the following companies with our new holdings details and are currently working with so that your links point to informaworld™:

  • EBSCO (LinkSource)
  • Edinburgh University Data Library (EDINA)
  • Endeavor (LinkFinderPlus)
  • Innovative Interfaces (WebBridge)
  • Openly Informatics (1CATE)
  • OVID (LinkSolver)
  • SerialsSolution (Article Linker)
  • SFX (Ex Libris)
  • Sirsi Resolver
  • TDNet (TOURresolver)

Getting started
To ensure the transition to informaworld™ is as smooth as possible, we've created lots of help tools for you. Please visit www.informaworld.com/librarians_promoting where you'll find a Librarians' Guide, informaworld™ demo and Frequently Asked Questions, as well as posters and information postcards for display in your library. Please let us know if you would like hard copies of these items to be sent to you.

If you have any other queries, please contact support@tandfonline.com
We look forward to helping you to make the most of the exciting new tools that informaworld™ has to offer.

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Taylor & Francis Announces Co-Publishing Agreement with UNISA Press
26th October 2006

Taylor & Francis Group today announced that from the 2007 subscription year it will be co-publishing with the University of South Africa (UNISA) Press, under its world famous Routledge imprint.

For the first time the following UNISA journals will be available to purchase in print and/or in online only format:

  • Africa Education Review (formerly Educare)
  • Communicatio: South African Journal for Communication, Theory & Research
  • Critical Arts: A Journal of South-North Cultural & Media Studies
  • English Academy Review (EAR)
  • The International Journal of African Renaissance Studies
  • Journal of Literary Studies
  • Language Matters: Studies in the Languages of Africa
  • Muziki: Journal of Music Research in Africa Myth & Symbol (formerly Ars Nova)
  • Scrutiny2: Issues in English Studies in Southern Africa South African Journal of Higher Education

Ms E. H. Le Roux, Director, Unisa Press said "Through its extensive publication of academic journals, UNISA Press is ideally positioned to take the lead in creating a viable forum for African knowledge production. During the past year, UNISA Press has progressed well in its aim of becoming the leading academic publisher on the African continent by publishing and distributing scholarly work with a distinctively African focus. UNISA Press is pleased to announce that it has entered into apartnership with Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group), which would allow the Press's journals to reach a wider, global audience."

Dr David Green, Global Journals Publishing Director for Taylor & Francis Group advised "This is an extremely exciting partnership. Having worked with South African colleagues for over a decade, we are delighted to be part of a major step forward in reintegrating African scholarship into the global academic community".

The inclusion of these 11 journals in the T&F portfolio brings the total number of journals available to subscribers to approximately 970 in 2007. T&F (under the Routledge imprint) added more journals to the Social Sciences Journal Citation Reports® (JCRs®) in 2005 than any other publisher. In total, 18 journals were added, including 4 top 10 titles.

For further information on both companies please visit www.unisa.ac.za/press/ and www.tandf.co.uk/journals.

Ashleigh Bell
Head of Journals Sales

T: +44 (0)207 017 6350
M: +44 (0)7764 984581
F: +44 (0)207 017 6725
E: Ashleigh.Bell@tandf.co.uk

Taylor & Francis Group, 4 Park Square, Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 4RN, UK.

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New Electronic Publishing Platform Offers Enhanced Search Capabilities and Improved Access to Online Content - www.informaworld.com
25th October 2006

Taylor and Francis Group, one of the world's leading scholarly publishers, is delighted to announce the beta launch of its new electronic publishing platform. informaworld™ will deliver enhanced search capabilities for its extensive current collection of over 550,000 electronic journal articles, databases, 13,000 eBooks and over 3000 volumes from its online archives, spanning back to volume 1, by subject.

Offering online cross-searching on a grand scale, informaworld™ will incorporate some of the most advanced features that web-based technology has to offer.

informaworld™ will provide librarians, researchers, and students access to over 950 journals from Taylor & Francis, Routledge and Psychology Press, as well as over 180 Informa Healthcare journals, selected encyclopedias, 185,000 A&I records from all Taylor & Francis abstract databases, and a growing collection of 260,000 eBook chapters from Taylor & Francis, Routledge and Informa Healthcare.

Taylor and Francis and its related companies publish more than 1,100 journals and have pioneered the development of electronic and web-based journal subscriptions. With an ever expanding portfolio of electronic content, Taylor and Francis' informaworld™ platform presents customers with the flexibility to search across a broad spectrum of scholarly information, be it in a journal, eBook or reference work.

Librarians will find that informaworld™ makes it easier to manage their subscriptions. Features include:

  • Automatic enabling of subscriptions with email confirmation to ease administration.
  • Improved control over online access to subscriptions -- whatever the library's access policy - via IP, proxy server, and Athens authentication (Shibboleth to follow).
  • COUNTER2-compliant usage statistics to assist with collection management.
  • Subscription lists, available to view and download -- helping to populate the library catalogue, link server, or monitor collections.
  • Alerting services and RSS Feeds including citation and subject alerts -- providing current awareness tools for both librarians and end-users.
  • Marked lists that can be shared with students -- providing new ways to create course resources.
  • Link resolver registration -- enabling the integration of informaworld™ with the library catalogue.
  • Branding of the website -- by incorporating the library's logo.

Researchers and students will find that the new platform provides enhanced searching capabilities over a broader range of resources. Extensive reference linking and forward citations provide the tools needed to find additional sources of top-quality information, and marked lists enable users to save articles, journals, books, and chapters to retrieve and read in future visits.

For journal editors and authors, informaworld™ will offer alerting services including table of contents and subject and citation alerts, which help bring readers back to a particular journal or electronic resource. Enhanced presentation of illustrations, supplementary data, and multimedia files will be possible through electronic portal. Taylor and Francis will also introduce a range of new features attractive to society-sponsored journals.

Taylor and Francis' informaworld™ will run in parallel with T&F's existing platforms whilst customers are invited to try out the beta site and provide feedback. All current subscriptions and recent usage information will be maintained and transferred to the informaworld™ platform. It will not be necessary for subscribers to re-register institutional accounts or sign new license agreements. Information on updating URLs and IP and ranges can be obtained at www.informaworld.com.

Users of other gateways are encouraged to ensure they are also registered on informaworld™ by contacting support@tandfonline.com.

When we have responded to feedback, access will be transferred to informaworld™ to ensure a smooth transition and minimal disruption to all. Usernames and passwords are now in the process of being issued to registered administrators, and librarians with questions about the transition to informaworld™ can contact the Online Customer Service Helpdesk at support@tandfonline.com or +44 (0) 207 017 7720 for more information.

Alternatively, for more information, contact us using the feedback form at the following address:

Taylor & Francis Group, 4 Park Square, Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 4RN, UK.

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Taylor & Francis announce iOpenAccess - giving authors the choice
28th September 2006

Taylor & Francis are today delighted to announce the introduction of an "iOpenAccess" option for authors publishing in 175 journals from T&F's Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics portfolios, one behavioural science journal from Psychology Press, and medical and bioscience journals from Informa Healthcare.

From October 2006, all authors whose manuscripts are accepted for publication in one of the iOpenAccess journals will have the option to make their articles freely available to all via the Journal's website for a one-off fee of $3100.

Commenting on the launch of the initiative, Journals Publishing Director, Dr David Green, stated: "Taylor & Francis has a strong tradition of meeting the needs of the academic and scientific research communities over more than two centuries. We are introducing "iOpenAccess" only after the widest possible consultation with the editor, author and funder communities. We are doing so in a manner which will continue to guarantee the integrity of peer review and the rights of authors, and which will ensure the continuing viability and quality of major international journals with whose publishing stewardship we are entrusted."

Mark Walport, Director of the Wellcome Trust, commented: "I am very pleased that Taylor and Francis are now offering an open access choice to publish in their journals. We all want to maximise the impact of biomedical research. Ensuring the widest distribution of the results of biomedical research is a key part of achieving that aim."

  • Authors will be asked to grant a publishing licence or assign copyright in the normal way. Selection of the "iOpenAccess" option and payment of the appropriate fee will then allow the article to be made available to all under a Creative Commons Licence (Attribution-Non-commercial-No Derivatives version 2.5 ) . Under this licence we will allow tagging and cross-referencing of articles within repositories so that they relate back to the original research grants and programmes.
  • Authors selecting the "iOpenAccess" option will have no embargo restriction on posting their version of the published article to any institutional or subject repository. Where appropriate, we will facilitate deposit on behalf of authors into PubMedCentral.
  • We undertake to review the subscription prices of each journal with respect to the uptake of the iOpenAccess initiative, and the relevant information will be published on each journal's home page at www.tandf.co.uk/journals

Our commitment to stringent, independent, expert peer review remains:
only accepted articles are eligible for the scheme, and authors will only be offered the open access option when they are sent their proofs for review. This complete separation of payment from the peer review and acceptance process will ensure that editorial independence and quality are not compromised.

This initiative is a pilot 'hybrid' open access scheme in selected subjects, and comes after the experience of a number of years' experimentation with access schemes operated by various T&F journals, as well as wide consultation with our editors, society partners and research funders. We intend to increase the number of iOpenAccess journals over the coming months, and fees may vary as we expand this initiative into other subject areas

Taylor & Francis has a justified reputation as a leading publisher and trusted partner of learned societies for over 200 years. Through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions it has become one of the world's leading imprints for academic books and journals. The name Taylor & Francis has long been associated with a pre-eminent tradition of scholarly science publishing.

Taylor & Francis Group

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Information for Subscribers of IISS Publications, including Strategic Comments
1st June October 2006

Strategic Comments
If you are a subscriber to the International Institute for Strategic Studies' (IISS) combined package of publications or to Strategic Comments on its own, please check that your online access is working correctly.

Subscribers who are unable to access Strategic Comments should contact Nicola Garwood (nicola.garwood@tandf.co.uk) with their email address. It would be helpful if the institution name, IP address/es, and customer number or subscription reference could also be included.

The email address provided will be the place where notifications of the journal are sent. Strategic Comments is an online-only journal currently hosted through the IISS website (www.iiss.org) and not by Metapress (our online service provider). For this reason, access to the journal needs to be set up separately through the IISS.

Please direct any questions or queries about access to Strategic Comments to nicola.garwood@tandf.co.uk.

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