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ignite - Librarians' newsletter for South Asia

This quarterly bulletin aims to bring you news on Journals and Online Resources from Taylor & Francis and around the world.

The Ignite newsletter is designed specifically for your community and will offer insight into global publishing initiatives as well as some more local news and features. Our aim is to help you keep up with the latest development in library and information management through interviews, articles, and latest research from around the world and much more!

Sister Newsletter to the Library Lantern

Latest Issues

  • Ignite Issue 9, November 2015 ignite, Issue 9 Special Issue: Hyderabad
    Welcome to the 9th issue of the Ignite newsletter. Of my many interactions with LIS professionals, there have been constant concerns about the changing role of a librarian...
    Read Issue 9
  • Ignite Issue 8, November 2015 ignite, Issue 8 Special Issue: Kolkata
    Welcome to the 8th issue of the Ignite newsletter. David Lankes wrote in the Atlas of New Librarianship that in the future, “the mission of librarians is to improve society by facilitating knowledge creation in their communities. Read Issue 8
  • Ignite Issue 7, July 2015 ignite, Issue 7
    The Ignite team wishes all the knowledge leaders a very happy Librarians' day 2015. At every forum that we visit today, there is a discussion on the Future of Librarianship in India.
    Read Issue 7
  • Ignite Issue 6, March 2015 ignite, Issue 6
    Thank you for the overwhelming response to IGNITE in 2014. With every issue, our endeavour is to bring to you more interaction within the LIS community along with trends and research from around the world.
    Read Issue 6
  • Ignite Issue 5 - NACLIN 2014 Special Issue ignite, Issue 5 - NACLIN 2014 Special Issue
    Cue fanfares and roll out the red carpet! Welcome to the special NACLIN edition of the Taylor & Francis IGNITE newsletter for librarians in South Asia.
    Read the Special Issue
  • Ignite Issue 4, October to December 2014 ignite, Issue 4
    As the year draws to a close, we look back at the IGNITE editions gone by, and are very happy with the feedback that we have received from you and the other LIS colleagues. It’s your belief and collaboration with us that keeps IGNITE alive and successful.
    Read Issue 4
  • Ignite Issue 3, July 2014 ignite, Issue 3
    Welcome once again, to the third issue of Ignite; the newsletter for librarians across South Asia. Thank you for sending us your feedback. We are delighted that you find Ignite useful and are happy to read it every quarter. Read Issue 3
  • Ignite Issue 2, May 2014 ignite, Issue 2
    Welcome to the second issue of the Ignite newsletter for librarians in South Asia. We are overwhelmed by the response to the first newsletter and we hope that you will continue to find Ignite useful. Read Issue 2
  • Ignite Issue 1, December 2013 ignite, Issue 1
    Cue fanfares and roll out the red carpet! Welcome to the first edition of the Taylor & Francis Ignite newsletter for librarians in South Asia.
    Read Issue 1

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