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Discussion Lists

    An informal open list, set up under the auspices of the United Kingdom Serials Group, (UKSG), for HE staff and other parties involved with electronic journals to discuss matters relating to e-journals provision, including administration & management, licensing,matters of access, consortia deals etc.
    Access the list here
    An informal list open to members of the serials community to discuss matters relating to serials/journals including selection, pricing/finance, supply, collection management, relegation, automation, cataloguing, binding, preservation, electronic developments, news, jobs, meetings, training, etc.
    Access the list here
  • Liblicense-L Liblicense-L
    LIBLICENSE-L is a moderated list for the discussion of issues related to the licensing of digital information by academic and research libraries. Increasingly, libraries are being inundated with information created in digital format and transmitted and accessed via computers. This list is designed to assist librarians and others concerned with the licensing of information in digital format in dealing with some of the unique challenges faced by this new medium. Information providers (creators, publishers and vendors) who deal with libraries are welcomed as members of LIBLICENSE-L.
    Access the list here
    SERIALST (Serials in Libraries Discussion Forum) is an informal electronic forum for most aspects of serials processing in libraries. Appropriate topics include (but are not limited to): cataloging, acquisitions, collection management, serials budgets and pricing concerns, binding, preservation, microfilm and other non print serials media, union list activities, announcements, news, and job postings that are of interest to the serials community.
    Access the list here

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We publish a regular online newsletter. Published on a quarterly basis, the newsletter brings you updates on initiatives at T&F, plus news on topical issues. Regular features of the newsletter will include:

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