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Library Voices - Africa

  • Name: Moses Munyao
  • Position: Library Assistant
  • Location: United States International University – Africa, Kenya
  • Service: 2 years

"A librarians' profession has long been seen as one that entails arranging books but in the current era which is considered to be a digital era, library professionals have adapted to the changing times thus demystifying the earlier notion."
- Moses Munyao

Moses Munyao photo

A Day in the Life

My typical day starts at 8:15 am and ends at 5:00 pm or alternatively 2:00pm to 9:00 pm. Apart from undertaking duties that include shelving and physical processing of books, the task that keeps me most busy involves attending to different queries from library users.

These queries are varied, ranging from locating books on shelves, to training users on how to use library resources, thus enabling them to become independent information seekers. As an institution of higher learning, USIU Library is busy at the beginning and at the end of each semester when students are borrowing and returning books more frequently.

Technological Advancement

With advancements in technology, the USIU-Africa Library has strived to maintain a status quo by incorporating elements of technology in its services and collections. Through advancements in technology such as the Virtual Private Network (VPN), the library users are able to access the library resources which include electronic books databases, and even renew their books, off campus. To enhance interaction with users, the library has a chat forum. Here, I am able to interact with the students online and deliver answers to their queries.

USIU Library photo


My role as a librarian is changing on a daily basis. Certain aspects of research have been incorporated in the profession whereby users expect me as a librarian, to interpret their needs and direct them to information resources that will help them. This has prompted me as a librarian to always stay ahead in terms of general knowledge.

Moses Munyao completed his Bachelor studies in Information Science at Inoorero University, Kenya and has been Library Assistant at USIU-Africa since July, 2013.

  • Name: Tsegaye Misikir
  • Position: Library Director
  • Location: Wollo University, Ethiopia
  • Service: 1 year

As Library Director at the newly established library at Wollo University in Ethiopia, Tsegaye and his team have been striving to provide high service standards to the academic community. In this interview, Tsegaye gives us his perspective on life as a librarian in East Africa.

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