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Meet the Regional Marketing Team

The Journals Regional Marketing team work with libraries around the world to ensure that all their needs are met.

Their work involves supporting librarians in promoting their content, increasing awareness of new journal content and digital products available, fulfilling platform training requirements, co-hosting library and researcher events, collaborating on conference papers, and much more!

If you would like further information about your regional contact, or have an idea of how you would like to work with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Andy Hall
Senior Marketing Manager, Taylor & Francis Group, Oxford

  • Andy Hall Having graduated with an MA from the University of Southampton in 2009, Andy embarked on a career in corporate film production before joining the Journals Marketing department at Taylor & Francis in 2012.

    Since his arrival, Andy’s primary focus has been promoting the Science & Technology content to authors, researchers and academics, but he has also been responsible for establishing and developing the multimedia marketing strategy for the department as a whole.

    Andy strongly believes that the best research is a collaborative, networked effort. In order to perpetuate this, Andy strives to engage with librarians and academics around the world to ensure their specific research needs are understood and met accordingly.

Alina Ladyzhensky
Regional Marketing Associate, Taylor & Francis Group, Philadelphia

  • Alina Ladyzhensky Alina works on marketing and communication efforts to librarians within the US, Canada, and Latin America. Prior to her current role, Alina spent four years in the Editorial department at Taylor & Francis Group, most recently as a Managing Editor for the Science & Technology division.

    She has also worked as an Editor for an online start-up company, and currently volunteers as a poetry editor for literary magazines in the Philadelphia region. She holds a BA in English from Temple University, and an MA in Publishing from Rosemont College.
    Email: alina.ladyzhensky@taylorandfrancis.com

Carolan DiFiore
Marketing Associate, Taylor & Francis Group, Philadelphia

  • Carolan DiFiore Carolan joined Taylor & Francis in June 2014 having previously graduated from La Salle University. During her time with the company, Carolan has worked in the Science & Technology and Medicine & Health Science marketing teams.

    Carolan’s current role focuses on marketing for Open Access and the Digital Resources in the Americas region.
    Email: carolan.difiore@taylorandfrancis.com

Luke Antieul
Regional Marketing Manager – EMEA, Taylor & Francis Group, Oxford

  • Luke Antieul Luke joined Taylor & Francis in January 2014 having previously graduated from the University of Southampton. During his time with the company, Luke has worked in the Science & Technology, Medical and Arts & Humanities marketing teams.

    Luke’s current role focuses on communications to librarians within Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He is interested in establishing partnerships with librarians and work together to provide support to their library community.
    Email: luke.antieul@tandf.co.uk

Kevin Ball
Digital Marketing Executive – EMEA, Taylor & Francis Group, Oxford

  • Amy Card Kevin is responsible for working with the library and scholarly community to support their needs for primary resources. Kevin works closely with institutions to showcase both Secret Files from World Wars to Cold Wars and South Asia Archive with free trial support, product demonstrations and after-sales support. Kevin also has a keen interest to develop these digital resources.

    Previously Kevin joined as a Marketing Executive for the Routledge History portfolio. He has managed high street bookstores in Scotland and Manchester. Run a highly successful Customer Service department in Carlisle and managed sales and marketing for a group of high profile American publishers.
    Email: kevin.ball@tandf.co.uk

Ali Skeates
Senior Regional Marketing Co-ordinator, Taylor & Francis Group, Oxford

  • Ali Skeates Ali joined Taylor & Francis Group in July 2004 and has marketed a variety of portfolios across social science and humanities. Ali moved into the Regional Marketing Team in 2014 supporting librarians within EMEA.

    Ali is interested in developing communications with librarians at events such as; conferences, road shows and training workshops, aiming to help librarians make the most of their content and promote it within their institution. Ali has a particular interest in open access, and works collaboratively to support open access members across EMEA.
    Email: alison.skeates@tandf.co.uk

Suharti Samsudin
Marketing Executive, Taylor & Francis Group, Singapore

  • Suharti Samsudin Suharti joined Taylor & Francis in 2010 and had worked on events and various product portfolios before joining the librarian and institutions team in late 2016.

    She is currently responsible for library marketing and communications in Asia Pacific, and can be seen at conferences as well as conducting workshops in the region. She is eager to work closely with the library community to make research discovery a seamless journey.
    Email: Suharti.Samsudin@tandf.com.sg

Jenny Wang
Marketing Executive, Taylor & Francis Group, China

  • Jenny Wang Jenny received a master degree in consumer marketing from the University of Liverpool in November 2014. In April 2015, Jenny joined Taylor & Francis China as a Marketing Executive and in September 2016 Jenny joined the Library Marketing Team.

    Jenny is responsible for marketing and promoting Journals and online resources to libraries and universities primarily in China, but with extended responsibility for other working content relevant with journals.
    Email: jenny.wang@tandfchina.com

Shafina Segon
Head of Marketing, Journals & Online Resources
Taylor & Francis Group, India

  • Shafina Segon Shafina holds a Bachelor's degree in Education and a Masters in Business Administration with a post-graduate degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Delhi. Shafina Joined Taylor & Francis Group in 2009 as the head of marketing for Books, Journals & Online Resources.

    Shafina is dedicated to enhancing the library community throughout India, with recent road shows and focus groups tailored to social media and mobile accessibility, and looks forward to working with others as opportunities present themselves.
    Email: shafina.segon@tandfindia.com

Sonali Bhardwaj
Marketing Associate, Journals & Online Resources
Taylor & Francis Group, India

  • Sonali Bhardwaj Sonali is a graduate from Delhi University and is currently pursuing her Masters in Commerce. Joining Taylor & Francis Group, India in 2010, her focus is to ensure that the promotional activities of Taylor & Francis India are seamlessly integrated. Email: sonali.bhardwaj@tandfindia.com

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