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About Us

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Taylor & Francis Group collaborates with researchers, scholarly societies, universities and libraries worldwide to bring knowledge to life.

As one of the world’s leading publishers of scholarly journals, books, ebooks and reference works our content spans all areas of Humanities, Social Sciences, Science and Technology.

From our network of offices in Oxford, Philadelphia, Melbourne, Singapore, Beijing, Tokyo, Stockholm, New Delhi and Johannesburg, Taylor & Francis staff provide local expertise and support to our editors, societies and authors and tailored, efficient customer service to our library colleagues.

Taylor & Francis Group publishes quality peer-reviewed journals, books and reference works under the following imprints:

  • CRC PRESS: A premier publisher in scientific and technical books and online databases
  • Garland Science: One of the leading scientific textbook publishers in the fields of cell and molecular biology, immunology and protein science
  • Psychology Press: A publisher of an impressive portfolio of leading psychology textbooks and journals
  • Routledge: A distinguished publisher of books and journals that cover a spectrum of social science, arts and humanities disciplines
  • Taylor & Francis:Disseminates high-quality and peer-reviewed scientific research, covering science, technology and engineering