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2015 Open Access articles

Open Access: 2015’s newest and most downloaded articles

Over the last year, our open access journals have published innovative research across many different disciplines. Topics have ranged from neuroscience to social research methodology to invasive species. This is just some of the new research that has been most read in our Open and Open Select journals in the last year. You can see the Altmetrics, social media mentions and number of downloads for each article featured.

Read on to learn what the most downloaded Open Access articles published in 2015 were.

Myrna Tabet

'Vibrant and Complex' Research Scene

Taylor & Francis is pleased to sponsor Research Information's first video content for their digital magazine; we've teamed up to talk about scholarly publishing in the Middle East. Watch our video to find out how we work with Middle Eastern librarians and researchers, and read our interview with Myrna Tabet, Head of the Information Literacy Program, Qatar University, on the region's 'vibrant and complex' research scene.

Find our feature in Research Information's Middle East supplement.

Roger Horton Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year to librarians, professors, graduates and other academic researchers all over the world. We hope you have a great Spring Festival! Taylor & Francis Chief Executive Roger Horton has this special message for you. We hope that 2016 is a successful year for you all.

Read Graham Walton's blog post

Digital Research Practices: The Real User Experience

A significant (and time consuming) portion of any research project is devoted to finding, reading, and referencing literature which is relevant to your activities. But particularly for those at the start of their career where do they start? How do they build the skills and knowledge to do this effectively? In a digital world, with a seemingly endless array of options for where and how to search online, how do you go from browsing to filtering so you get the information you need? That's the question Loughborough University and Taylor & Francis are looking to explore over the next six months, as PhD students keep diaries of their online research activities and take part in a focus group, to offer a bird's eye view of the challenges and opportunities for researchers today.

Read Graham Walton's blog post.

Decembers Library Lantern issue is available now

December's Library Lantern issue is available now!

Our final Library Lantern issue of 2015 is now available for you to enjoy. In this issue, the Taylor & Francis team shares our tales from our travels across the globe.

You can also learn about our new Medical Archive, read our thoughts on the world post-OA, and explore exceptional year-end offers. And don't forget to check out our brand new white paper on peer review.

Read Issue 16.

Interactive Digital Library Event

The Evolving Librarian: Trends, Challenges, New Environment & Partnerships
The Taylor & Francis Interactive Digital Library Event

For the first time, Taylor & Francis India hosted two back-to-back roadshows, in the east (Kolkata), and the south (Hyderabad). 92 librarians attended the Kolkata event, while 110 librarians attended the Hyderabad roadshow. We discussed many topics during the full-day events, including open access, digitization, the evolving librarian, and the partnership between librarians and publishers.

We would like to thank our guests of honour:

  • Dr B Sutradhar, Librarian, IIT Kharagpur
  • Dr Kishor Satpathy, Librarian, NIT Silchar
  • Dr K Nageswara Rao, Head, Knowledge Centre, DRDL
  • Dr S Venkadesan, Indian School of Business
  • Dr Konnur, VTU Consortium

The roadshows gave us the opportunity to hear from librarians across the country, who provided an insight into their roles and how they see their roles developing in the future.

Peer review under the spotlight

Putting peer review under the spotlight: read our latest white paper

What do today's researchers think is the purpose of peer review, and how is reality matching up to expectation? How prevalent are ethical issues in peer review? How comfortable (or not) are researchers with different peer review models? We asked the global research community all this and more in Peer review in 2015: a global view, our latest white paper.

Available now to read, Peer review in 2015: a global view gathers opinions from those who author research articles, those who review them, and the journal editors who oversee the process, and is one of the largest research studies into peer review in recent years. Read the white paper now and explore the data on our Author Services website.

New librarians page for the Middle East

Are you a librarian in the Middle East? Visit our new page!

We're pleased to share our brand new librarians' page dedicated to the Middle Eastern region.

Visit today to:

  • Watch our new video highlighting library trends in the Middle East and showcasing how we support the library community in the region
  • Read our write-up of our attendance at the 2015 Special Libraries Association, Arabian Gulf Chapter
  • Share a wealth of content from Middle Eastern researchers with your end users, free to view until the end of 2015

Discover how Taylor & Francis supports the library community in the Middle East. Check back to the page regularly for the latest Taylor & Francis regional news.

Getting Published in the Digital Age

Getting Published in the Digital Age

Taylor & Francis, in collaboration with the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI), organized a knowledge-sharing session on Getting Published in the Digital Age on 24 September 2015.

The session was opened by Mr B. Ganapathy, Librarian of EDI, who briefly introduced the contents of the session and the speakers - Gerald Dorey, Associate Editorial Director, Journals, and Anindita Pandey, Regional Publishing Manager, Journals - South Asia. It saw an enthusiastic participation from over 30 faculty members and research scholars.

Vicky Gardner

The new norm: thoughts on the world, post-OA

Vicky Gardner, Open Access Publisher at Taylor & Francis, discusses the global open access landscape and the future of scholarly communication.

Since 2012 open access (OA) has been in overdrive. The UK catalysed developments with the commissioning and publication of the so-called 'Finch' report on publication and accessibility of research.

It has now arguably passed the baton on to the Netherlands, the first nation to clearly articulate its vision, by 2024, of publishing all of its research outputs on a Gold OA basis.

The rest of the world is engaging with OA in some form or other, though policies predominantly focus on Green OA (archiving articles in repositories following their publication in subscription journals). Nonetheless there is a clear direction of travel, and the future looks set to be Open.

What next then, for scholarly communication? Read the full article via Research Information.

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