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Taylor & Francis Group, incorporating the Routledge imprint, is proud to publish 8 academic research journals with the Royal Society of New Zealand.

The partnership fully integrates existing New Zealand research into the global knowledge economy and recognises local publishing expertise.

The Royal Society of New Zealand journals include over three hundred volume years of top science content covering New Zealand research specialities such as the geosciences, botany, agriculture, horticulture, zoology and multidisciplinary science, with particular emphasis in the territories of New Zealand, Antarctica, the Antipodes and the Pacific Rim. The Royal Society of New Zealand's flagship social science journal KĊtuitui balances these debates by providing a home for a wide range of social science discussions with the additional intention of displaying the links between the social and physical sciences.

Taylor & Francis's Melbourne office will provide local production and editorial liaison while the company's international marketing networks will ensure the journals are given tactical, tailor-made marketing to ensure their authors receive the greatest possible exposure for the unique content that the collection contains

The Taylor & Francis-RSNZ collaboration optimizes the best of local and global expertise.