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Behavioral Sleep Medicine

Behavioral Sleep Medicine

Published By: Routledge
Volume Number: 9
Frequency: 6 issues per year
Print ISSN: 1540-2002
Online ISSN: 1540-2010

Aims & Scope

Behavioral Sleep Medicine addresses behavioral dimensions of normal and abnormal sleep mechanisms and the prevention, assessment, and treatment of sleep disorders and associated behavioral and emotional problems. Standards for interventions acceptable to this journal are guided by established principles of behavior change. Intending to serve as the intellectual home for the application of behavioral/cognitive science to the study of normal and disordered sleep, the journal paints a broad stroke across the behavioral sleep medicine landscape. Its content includes scholarly investigation of such areas as normal sleep experience, insomnia, the relation of daytime functioning to sleep, parasomnias, circadian rhythm disorders, treatment adherence, pediatrics, and geriatrics. Multidisciplinary approaches are particularly welcome. The journal' domain encompasses human basic, applied, and clinical outcome research. Behavioral Sleep Medicine also embraces methodological diversity, spanning innovative case studies, quasi-experimentation, randomized trials, epidemiology, and critical reviews.

2014 Journal Citations Report® ranks Behavioral Sleep Medicine 94th out of 192 journals in Clinical Neurology and 66th out of 140 journals in Psychiatry with a 2014 Impact Factor of 2.340
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